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Updated: 12/23/2915

Consult the User Guide (coming soon!) for detailed information about SEED Platform.

Email if your question is not answered in the User Guide or this Knowledge Base.

  • Sample Dataset You can download a zip file called, containing two sample data files, one representing a tax assessor building list, and the other representing Energy Star Portfolio Manager data for that same set of buildings. This is clearly the "ideal" case, but it is a good set of test data to make sure that the program is performing properly. The data files in the zip file are:
      • covered-buildings-sample.csv sample tax assessor data with 512 building records
      • portfolio-manager-sample.csv sample Energy Star Portfolio Manager data with 512 records which match the data in covered-buildings-sample.csv
    • Data Prep Guide Review this Data Prep Guide before loading your data into SEED Platform. With Version 1.1, some of these requirements will no longer be needed, but until the final release of this version, it is still a good idea to conform to these guidelines.
    • Portfolio Manager file format The PM “custom report” fields are the PM fields in SEED Platform. The direct export from PM has different field names(!). Therefore, users must use a “custom report” from PM to get a file that will auto-sync with SEED Platform and not the default "Download Entire Portfolio" link. Here is a link to the Portfolio Manager Custom Reporting feature
    • Multi-Tab Files

      Multi-tab Microsoft ExcelTM files are only partially supported by SEED. It can read a Microsoft ExcelTM file that has multiple tabs, but it will only read the first tab, so make sure that the data you want the program to import is in the first tab. If the mapping screen only has one field in it, this might be the problem. 

    • Data Encryption Data is transmitted encrypted (using SSL) but is not stored encrypted
    • Buildings in SEED If you don't see any buildings when you navigate to the Buildings screen, make sure you have selected columns to view. Click on "Edit Columns" to checkmark which fields you would like displayed on the screen.
    • Multiple Buildings Linked to "Campus" Record You can link multiple buildings (such as buildings that share a meter), to one "Campus" record, assuming that there is a separate record, with an ID, for each building.
    • Date Fields in ExcelTM Files If you are importing an ExcelTM file (XLS, XLXS) into SEED, make sure that any field defined with a "date" format in ExcelTM actually has data in it that is a date. If a field has non-date data (such as an integer) in a date-formatted field, SEED will not import that record.