SEED App Contest 2016

Updated: 1/11/2016

Each year the U.S. Department of Energy's hosts the Better Buildings Summit, a two and a half day conference designed for partners and stakeholders to exchange best practices, showcase demonstrated market solutions, and highlight future opportunities for greater energy efficiency in commercial and public buildings, multifamily residential housing, and industrial plants and facilities. This year, the Building Technologies Office will be featuring the newly launched SEED Platform Collaborative, and we specifically want to highlight apps that utilize data available through SEED’s Application Programming Interface.  In the “Data Surge Apps Showcase,” developers will do lightning presentations of their products and the audience will vote in real time for their favorites.

In order to participate:


  1. By January 15 please confirm your interest by responding to me.  We will then send you an API key and schedule a kickoff call in late January to answer any questions you have and share ideas from the SEED users about apps they would like to see.  Nicholas Long from NREL will then be your main POC as you work on the apps.
  2. by March 1 you must: (1) be an approved SEED Platform App Developer Affiliate or have started the process to become an approved SEED Platform App Developer Affiliate, and (2) have a working prototype that utilizes the SEED API as a data source, with a clear use case that has value to the kinds of entities that attend the summit (see Better Buildings web site, attendees are primarily state and local government and private real estate).  
  3. We will then provide complimentary registration ($475 value) to one person from each of the first three developer teams that complete their products. Note that the rest of the presenters will have to pay for their own registration to attend the Summit. 

The 2015 Summit attracted more than 900 attendees, with over 200 speakers sharing how they draw on energy efficiency technologies, business practices, and partnerships to save money on utility bills, create new jobs, and improve their organization’s competitiveness. You can learn more about the 2016 Better Buildings Summit (including information about the 2015 Summit) on this website.   The 2016 Summit is scheduled for May 9-11, with the exact time/date of the apps showcase TBD. 

Open Source SEED Platform code

The SEED Platform source code and information for developers is available in GitHub


General Source Code Documentation

API Documentation links to

App Contest Account and Data

LBNL has made an account on our SEED test instance for the App Contest and have loaded the public, cleaned data from 7 cities. Click here for more information.