Getting Started

Updated: 2/10/2016

Here is information to help you get started using the SEED Platform once you have an account, either a third party hosted instance, or your own instance, or a test account on the LBNL hosted SEED instance.

Getting Started Guide
  • Getting Started Guide Overview of the main features in the program, with the basic steps to get started
    (This is also accessed from the program (the orange button) after you first log into your account)


  • Introductory Tutorial Video 
    (updated 11/23/2015; 37 minutes)
    • Background on SEED-Platform
    • Demonstration of program using the sample data
      • Loading, mapping and matching data
      • Looking at building records
      • Filtering records
      • Creating Projects

SEED User Manual

Sample Data
  • You can download a zip file called, containing two sample data files, one representing a tax assessor building list, and the other representing Energy Star Portfolio Manager data for that same set of buildings. This is clearly the "ideal" case, but it is a good set of test data to make sure that the program is performing properly. The data files in the zip file are:
        • covered-buildings-sample.csv sample tax assessor data with 512 building records
        • portfolio-manager-sample.csv sample Energy Star Portfolio Manager data with 512 records which match the data in covered-buildings-sample.csv based on the Address field