Getting Started

Updated: 8/26/2019

Here is information to help you get started using the SEED Platform once you have an account, either a third party hosted instance, or your own instance, or a test account on the LBNL hosted SEED instance.

Getting Started Guide

Sample Data

  • You can download a zip file called, containing two sample data files, one representing a tax assessor building list, and the other representing Energy Star Portfolio Manager data for that same set of buildings. This is clearly the "ideal" case, but it is a good set of test data to make sure that the program is performing properly. The data files in the zip file are:
        • covered-buildings-sample.csv sample tax assessor data with 512 building records
        • portfolio-manager-sample.csv sample Energy Star Portfolio Manager data with 512 records which match the data in covered-buildings-sample.csv based on the Address field