Release Notes 1.4

Updated: 2/29/2016

This page lists the changes made in each version of SEED-Platform by version number. 
  • The "Github Issue" numbers in parentheses have links to the SEED-Platform Open Source Github repository Issue List. These issues, because they are all now implemented in the public repository, are marked Closed in the Github issue list. 
  • If there are links in the description of the changes, following those links will lead to a more detailed description of the changes. 
If you have any questions about releases or changes to the program, please email


Enhancements and Bug Fixes
  • Labels

Bug Fixes

    • Fixed several bugs with labels
      • New labels didn’t always show up in the list of labels in Building List

Label Management Added to Building Detail

    • Added the ability to add and remove labels at the Building Detail view
  • Filtering

Clear Filter Button

    • Added a Clear Filter button on the Building List view -- this will clear all filters in the input boxes above the columns as well as any filters in the Filter by Label box

Activate Filter with Enter Key

    • Pressing the Enter Key will activate a filter entered into the input boxes above the columns in the Building List view.

Case Insensitive Explicit Filtering

    • Added case insensitive filtering using the ^ symbol 
    • Example
      • Entering sacramento in the filter input box would show records with Sacramento, SACRAMENTO, and West Sacramento
      • Entering ^"sacramento" in the filter input box will show records for both SACRAMENTO and sacramento, but not West Sacramento

Fixed Filtering / Label Bugs

    • Fixed several bugs when filtering with labels
      • Problem adding labels from a filtered list
      • Records not added to Project when filtering with labels
      • Records not deleted when filtering with labels
      • Exported files from filtering with labels were empty
  • Data Import
Bug Fixes
    • Fixed problem with some Excel date formats that were causing importing problems
    • Fixed problem with hidden extra characters in an Excel file that were causing importing problem
Editing Dataset name now saved
    • The program wasn't saving the Edited Dataset name; that is now fixed.
  • Matching
Column Reorder added to Matching
  • Clicking the View/Hide Columns button has the added feature of reordering the columns
  • Building List
Show Matched / Show Unmatched added
  • The Building List now has a pulldown list which displayed all records, matched records, or unmatched records. This acts like a filter, and all the functions of the Building Actions pulldown can be applied to the matched or unmatched records
  • Data Cleansing
Admin screen added
  • Under the Organization page, a new "Data Cleansing" link has been added that allows users to set the minimum and maximum values for the Data Cleansing checking, as well as including or not include (with checkboxes) the fields currently being checked.


Enhancements and Bug Fixes
  • Labels

Adding Labels to Building Records

    • Previous functionality:
      • Labels could only be applied in Projects, and only one label could be applied to a record within a project.
    • New functionality:
      • Labels are created and applied from the Building list view
      • Multiple labels can be added to a Building record
      • Filtering by labels is available in the Building list view
  • Filtering

Min/max for numeric fields

    • Previous functionality:
      • Numeric fields had two filter fields, one for minimum values and one for maximum values
    • New functionality:
      • One filter field which accepts expressions such as >10, <100, including the ability to search for null ( =null) and not null (!=null) fields

Update Filter button

    • Define filter(s), including labels, and then click the Update Filters button
  • Data Import
    • Program now ignores header lines in Portfolio Manager files on import
    • Program no longer changes negative values to positive values, and instead keeps them negative
  • Matching

Address normalization

    • Null values in the address field no longer break matching
    • Address fields with more than one address no longer cause the program to hang
    • Address ranges are now normalized
  • Mapping
    • Long text values no longer cause mapping to break

  • List Views
    • The left-most column with a checkbox in it in most List views has a fixed width, and does not expand when other columns are expanded


New Features
  • Data Import
    • SEED should now be able to import CSV files with "unicode" characters such as em-dashes and superscripts
  • Reports
    • SEED now has the initial implementation of reporting and graphing functionality, from the Building list.

  • Building List - Resizing columns
    • SEED now allows the user to specify the order of fields in the Building List as well as resizing the columns (by pulling on the right side of the column border).
  • Data Cleansing in Mapping Step
    • SEED now has a "Data Cleansing Results" button on the mapping screen which displays a list of warnings and errors that the program has detected based on a set of hard-coded rules for data ranges and values. This is the first implementation of the data cleansing feature, and will be augmented in future versions.

  • Matching on Address
    • SEED will now match addresses that have directions (ie, N, NW, S, etc) as well as different street types
Bug Fixes
  • Matching by hand
    • In previous versions, it was possible to match and then unmatch records, leaving some of them in an "orphaned" state where they were no longer visible in the Building list. This has been fixed. 
    • SEED will now display all the fields in a data set, which it was not doing before (it was not displaying fields the data stored in the "extra data" field)


New Features
  • Mapping
    • The "BEDES" column is no longer displayed, as the BEDES characteristics of a field do not need to be displayed to the user
    • Portfolio Manager files are now automatically mapped based on a fixed mapping in SEED. This mapping can be over-ridden by the user if necessary. 
  • Matching
    • When importing data, the program now checks to see if the record being imported already exists in the database, i.e., it is checking for duplicate records. If it finds that the record already exists in the database (an exact match) that record is not imported.
  • Building List and Building Detail
    • The program now keeps the settings when switching back and forth between the Building List and Detail view for the sorting and filtering criteria, as well as the settings values. 

Bug Fixes
  • Navigation Bar
    • The navigation bar "state", i.e., whether it is expanded or collapsed, is now kept after the browser page is refreshed
    • After mapping and matching, the navigation bar shows the updated results
  • Building Detail
    • The program previously only displayed fields that contained data. Now the program shows all the fields in the building record, whether the field contains data or not, so that it is possible to see what data is missing. 
  • Project Filtering
    • Fixed a bug where filtering was not working properly in the Project view.


Version 1.2.0 of SEED is primarily focused on "under the hood" updates. The changes included:
  • code re-organization to conform more closely to Django best practices
  • upgraded the project to use Django v1.7.
New Features

A few changes visible to the user were made
  • Matching
    • The radio buttons in the Matching screen have been changed to a pulldown list, with the three options of "Show All", "Show Matched", and "Show Unmatched".

    • In the previous release, the Matching screen was not properly displaying the matched records. This has been fixed with this new implementation of the pulldown list.


New Features
  • Mapping
    • The Portfolio Manager field mapping is now "hard coded" to a list of BEDES fields, to eliminate the need for the user to determine the BEDES mapping for that file (Github Issue # 200)
    • Added a message between when you import your file and when the Mapping screen appears, as it takes several seconds for the program to display the Mapping screen (Github Issue # 9)
  • Building Detail
    • Added an "Energy" link at the top of the Building Details screen, which opens an "Energy Data" screen which currently displays the name of the Green Button XML file when that type of file is imported. Future enhancements to SEED will include viewing the actual Green Button data in this new "Energy Data" screen (Github Issue # 8)


New Features
Bug Fixes
  • Admin
    • For superusers who can create new organizations, the pulldown list to "add user to organization" is now in alphabetical order (Github Issue # 140)
  • Mapping
    • More improvements to the slowness of the "type-ahead" list in the Mapping screen (Github Issue # 139)
    • The Invalid and SemiValid labels on the mapping screen have been eliminated, as they weren't useful feedback for the user. The two that are left are used in the Duplicate section if there are duplicate records, ie, Duplicate and Valid. 

Known Issues
  • Mapping
    • Mapping screen is slow to appear:  In the next version we will put up a progress bar; in future versions we will try to speed it up (!)
    • BEDES fields are not always checked: The fields are correctly mapped to BEDES field but the display is not updated correctly in some cases. We will fix this display as soon as possible
    • Concatenation button is hidden:  There were serious bugs with the Concatenation feature that could potentially corrupt the data in some cases, so we have disabled it for now. (Github Issue # 131Github Issue # 98)

  • Mapping
    • Improved the slowness of the "type-ahead" list in the Mapping screen (Github Issue # 10)

  • Matching
    • Changes made in the Edit Columns screen are now saved when you come back to that screen (Github Issue # 108)

  • Matching
    • Edit Column button in Matching screen is now working in the same way that other similar features work in the program
      • Github Issue # 11
      • Fields are displayed in one list
      • Fields are in alphabetical order
      • User can select and de-select all the fields
      • Field search function is available
    • Sorting columns, including "% confidence" now working in Matching screen