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Release Notes 2.4.0

This page lists the changes made in version 2.4.0 of SEED-Platform. 
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Updated 10/19/2018

Data Import


Two new options are added

Import Portfolio Manager Data: This option allows users to log into their ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account and specify the Custom Report Template from which to download data

Upload BuildingSync Data: A BuildingSync file is an XML file with building information in it, which is generated by several programs, including DOE's Asset Score. SEED can now import some variations of that XML file.

File importing improvements:
General improvements for handling files with carriage returns, blank lines, unusual characters

Performance improvements:
In general, importing files should be much faster, even for cases with many thousand records.

Known Issues

Upload BuildingSync Data: The program doesn't currently support all possible variations on a BuildingSync file.


New Features

Column Settings (under Organizations):
It is now possible to change the field mapping of existing data in the organization, as well "Merge Protection" which prevents specific fields (that may have been edited by hand) to be overwritten by newly imported data. For more details, see Organizations below.

Column Mappings (under Organizations):
It is now possible to change the default mappings for data to be imported. For more details, see Organizations below.



Performance Improvements: Matching should generally be faster than in previous versions

Inventory List View


Performance Improvements: Loading the inventory list has been very time-consuming, particularly with large datasets or large numbers of columns. This has been improved drastically.

List Settings

Bug Fix

Field order maintained on save: In previous versions, when saving the List Settings after a change, the program would reverse the field order while still in List Settings view (although not in the actual view the settings controlled). This has been fixed in this version.


New Features

There are two new options in the Organization section of the program: Column Settings and Column Mappings

Column Settings: This is a new screen which allows users 1) change the display name of a column that already exists in the database, and 2) specify what fields should be protected from having new data replace existing data.

Column Mappings: This screen shows the stored default mappings for files that have been previously imported, which is the default mapping for these fields when new files are imported in the future. If problems are found in the mappings here, the bad mappings should be deleted so that when new files with these fields are imported, those same mapping mistakes will not be made again. Changing the mappings here does not affect existing data, it only affects the default mapping settings for data that will be imported in the future.