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Release Notes 2.6.0

This page lists the changes made in version 2.6.0 of SEED-Platform. 
  • The "Github Issue" numbers in parentheses have links to the SEED-Platform Open Source Github repository Issue List.  
  • If there are links in the description of the changes, following those links will lead to a more detailed description of the changes. 
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Updated 8/26/2019

The major new feature in this release is to upload meter data from either ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (XLSX file) or GreenButton (XML file)

See Getting Started Guide: Meter Data for detailed explanations of these new features.

Data Import

New Features

One new option is added for uploading

Upload Portfolio Manager Meter Usage: This option allows importing an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager spreadsheet with meter data

Mapping and Matching


Bldg and Suite are parsed as part of normalized address:
SEED will now create separate records for addresses that are the same except for Bldg or Suite, if that address is mapped to "Address Line 1".
  • Building file contains multiple buildings with the same street name, but different "BLDG" number.
  • Import the file, and map "Concatenated Address Line 1" to the SEED matching field "Address Line 1"
  • In the inventory list, SEED will have made each address + Bldg number a unique record. In previous versions, the program would have merged all these records into one property, ignoring the building number.

Inventory List View


Performance Improvements: Loading the inventory list has been very time-consuming, particularly with large datasets or large numbers of columns. This has been improved drastically.

Inventory Detail View

New Features

Meters: A link has been added to a Meters page which displays meter data (either ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager or GreenButton data)

If meter data has been uploaded, it will be displayed here

The data interval can be set to Exact, which displays all the data exactly as uploaded

The data interval can be set to Month, which aggregates the data to monthly intervals

The data interval can be set to Year, which aggregates the data to yearly intervals

Upload GreenButton Data: On the Meters page, the "Upload GreenButton Data" button allows import of GreenButton data to the current record. It will be displayed with all the other meter data as a separate column.

Actions: Export BuildingSync
It is now possible to export BuildingSync data that has been imported into SEED to be exported (from the Property Detail view)


New Features

Set meter energy display units: Two pulldown lists have been added to Organizations / Settings to set the energy units for the meter data. The units selected here control the units displayed for the meter data in the Property Detail view